Ken Druck

  • Building a World-Class Team from the Inside Out

    At the heart of every successful organization is a world-class management team.

    But what does it really take to build a world-class team? What inner ingredients are essential to success? And which ones, left unattended, can destroy even the most vital and visionary of companies? Teams are not built overnight, nor do they grow by themselves, even with the most exceptional leadership and backing behind them.

    Ken Druck is a master facilitator who has led literally hundreds of team-building programs with top companies, communities, and enterprises. In this speech, Ken Druck demonstrates what it really means to get people on the same page, and build a championship team from the inside out.

    There are tangible elements to building a world-class team, like having a clear vision, mission, strategy, roles, responsibilities, accountability and rewards. Opening the lines of communication, handling conflict constructively, coordinating functions and aligning with goals are also critical. But there are also intangibles elements that make the critical difference, such as:

    • Safety. What can we do to eliminate the unwritten rules of conformity, and unspoken fears that inhibit direct communication, creativity, innovation and forward movement.
    • Forthrightness. In the absence of direct, forthright communicayions, the underlying tensions of a conflict-avoidant business culture escalate. Even worse, they become an acceptable part of daily life. Walking around on eggshells does not win championships.
    • Connectedness. Nothing disrupts the flow and effectiveness of business more than fragmented, disconnected team members. Teams gain the competitive advantage by remaining connected, even under live fire.
    • Gratitude. Teams thrive in the presence of acknowledgment and appreciation for a job well done.
    • Confidence. Teams grow confident, and develop a winning attitude when they know they’ll be rewarded for being in the right conversations and reaching higher ground together..

    All of these intangibles, left unattended, flatten a business, eat up wasting precious time and resources, deaden productivity and make coming to work frustrating if not painful. Audience members will learn effective strategies for overcoming all of these potential dangers, threats and inhibiting factors – and leave with a clear understanding, and empowering tools and techniques for working together as an inspired team of committed individuals.