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    A master of finding opportunities and building bridges, Dr. Ken Druck has developed powerful and effective tools to help individuals and organizations awaken. Please check this page regularly for workshops, conferences and events featuring Dr. Druck.

    For details about inviting Ken to speak, please call us at (858) 863-7825 or e-mail us via the contact page. Thank you!

    Courageous Aging Workshop
    Saturday, June 24, 2017
    9.30 am – 4 pm
    Del Mar, CA

    Whether you’re turning 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80, it’s time to turn the challenges of getting older into opportunities for becoming the better, stronger version of yourself. Please join me and my special guest, John Welshons for a life-changing gathering of the kindred curious. It’s the perfect time to…

    • Take inventory of age-related fears that weigh heavily on your heart/hold you back
    • Re-imagine your best possible future and map out what would make your heart sing
    • Free yourself of self-limiting, shame-based age-biases, inhibitions and insecurities
    • Clear the path for newfound emotional freedom, joy, humility and peace
    • Harvest opportunities now available in your relationships as you’ve gotten older
    • Take concrete steps put your psychological and spiritual “houses” in order
    • Make peace with how old you are and with life’s terms (i.e. our mortality, age-related changes, losses, etc.)
    • Explore and experience the love that never dies and how life goes on

    For more info. or to register, please call (858) 863-7825, e-mail or send a check for $90 to Druck Enterprises Inc., PO Box 1117, Del Mar, CA 92014.  Please also help us spread the word to others who might benefit from this day.