Ken Druck

  • Relationship Coaching

    Time to work on your relationship?

    How much sweeter would life be if you could…

    • get through a rough stretch or impasse in your marriage or with your kids?
    • had a breakout year due to a communications and intimacy “upgrade?”
    • clarified and stuck to your “terms” and “deal points” in a significant relationship (or two)?
    • explored, weighed and balanced your options for effectively handling a volatile situation?
    • got through a painful life loss (of a loved one, job, relationship, health, marriage)?
    • gathered the strength to set healthier boundaries and make tougher decisions?
    • translated the richness of your individual work into your relationship?
    • let go of toxic anger and resentment that creates destructive “fallout” in your life?

    “Dr. Ken Druck brilliantly shows us how to open our eyes, hearts and minds so that we can begin to change the world simply by being proactive with our families at home.”– Ron Shapiro, CEO, Atlantic Records

    “Ken Druck’s work helps men and women achieve the essential balance between personal and professional success.” – Ken Blanchard, co-author, The One Minute Manager