Ken Druck

  • How to Talk To Your Kids: The Keys to Effective Parenting

    Long considered one of the nation’s top parent educators, noted for his breakthrough work with families and family businesses, Dr. Ken Druck’s program on effective parenting is a must for moms and dads of any age.

    Ken provides his audience with tools, do’s and don’ts, reality checks and sage wisdom to meet the most challenging parts of being a parent. Drawing from his book, “How to Talk to Your Kids…:,” 30 years of working with families and his own experience as a father, Ken takes his audience on an inspiring and entertaining journey into the challenges of “raising a parent.”

    Variations on this talk “Parenting Grown Children” (for older audiences), “The Parent Report Card” (for parents of kids 5 to 21), “Families in Business” and “Family Communication 101” are novel and informative programs suited for specific audiences.