Ken Druck

  • Playing by the Real Rules of Life

    Based upon Dr. Druck’s breakthrough book to be released Spring 2012.

    Most of us reach an age and station in life when we’re ready to get real. It may come at age 30, 50 or 70. After a crisis, or on the heels of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We’ve had enough of the myths and fallacies, and want to know the real rules. And begin to play by them. We know it’s time. Why? Because each of us wants to come to terms with life. To make the most of what we have. Take advantage of every opportunity. Cut out the waste. And live our lives purposefully.

    This program takes the audience into the heart and soul of our innermost beliefs, expectations and assumptions about life itself: what’s real, and what’s not. What deals do we think we have made with the universe? What guarantees? What trade-offs have we agreed to? What are life’s terms? And what are ours? With all its challenges and opportunities, life becomes more livable, relationships more loving, and our hearts more at peace when we learn to play by the real rules of life and begin balancing life’s terms with our own.

    To maximize take away value, audience members are invited fill out a Real Rules Action Plan.