Ken Druck

  • The Burn-Out Prevention Kit

    Most of us are being asked to do more with less. Like race horses, we’re willing to run until we drop. This trend, however, is resulting in a new and dangerous strain of Type-A behavior.

    How can we avoid the excessive costs to our health, job performance, productivity and relationships that are incurred when we become depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed and overstressed casualties of burnout? How can we begin to live, and run our organizations, by a code of balanced self-care? Learn techniques for making technology our friend, rather than the enemy, reprioritize our schedules to include “stress breaks” and rest our minds from “Type-A combat fatigue?”

    Like dieting, changing one’s behavior and lifestyle can be daunting. Patterns run deep and we can all be resistent to this kind of change. “The Burnout Prevention Kit” is an innovative approach that goes right to the core of the problem. Participants learn the practical tools for self-care, begin to master the practice of self-compassion and develop a sustainable plan for self-management (three elusive and under-utilized assets for optimal performance). Each audience member takes home their own personalized Health Promotion Plan.