Ken Druck

  • Workshops

    What can you accomplish on one day with a Master Facilitator and Workshop Leader?

    • More rewarding relationships.
    • More productive behaviors.
    • A more effective organization.

    Professional Development Workshops

    Exceptional Leadership From the Inside Out

    (limited to 8 people)
    What exactly does it take to become that exceptional leader, the one people talk about because of the greatness they inspire? read more

    Building and Playing on Exceptional Teams For the Truly Committed

    What are the core characteristics of championship teams? read more

    Listening as a Business Tool to Unlock Extraordinary Opportunities

    Listening is the most powerful communication tool in business and life. The most dramatic improvements in job and personal performance always come with the mastery of great listening skills. read more

    Personal and Professional Breakthrough Workshops

    Mastering Adversity: Turning Threats into Opportunities

    If you or your organization have suffered a loss, change, crisis or challenge, are going through a difficult transition period, or are just stuck, this workshop is a must. read more

    The Executive Couple: Breakthroughs in Intimacy

    Our intimate relationships take us down many of life’s most challenging paths. They test, develop and reflect our integrity, character and capacity to love. Since none of us receives a handbook for relationship success, where can we learn to be our best in our couple relationships? read more

    Healing and Loss Programs

    Dr. Ken Druck is an internationally recognized expert in healing after loss and turning personal crises into opportunities for spiritual deepening and growth. He brings his entire body of work and extraordinary experience as a master facilitator to these profoundly enriching one-day encounters.

    Healing the Grieving Heart

    Explore the connection between mind, body, heart, and soul as a roadmap to healing the grieving heart. read more

    Healing Your Life after the Loss of a Child: Survival Strategies for Turning Darkness into Light

    Losing a child is often described as “the worst loss.” How can we begin to deal with the choice less pain of losing a child and how we’re going to go on living? Ken Druck has been a lifeline to thousands of bereaved families since the loss of his own daughter, Jenna. read more