Ken Druck

  • Healing and Loss Programs

    Dr. Ken Druck is an internationally recognized expert in healing after loss and turning personal crises into opportunities for spiritual deepening and growth. He brings his entire body of work and extraordinary experience as a master facilitator to these profoundly enriching one-day encounters.

    Dr. Ken has become a lifeline for thousands of families who have suffered a loss. He is often called upon to assist in tragedies such as New York after 9/11, the shootings at Columbine High School, the shuttle disaster, and Hurricane Katrina.

    Healing the Grieving Heart

    Explore the connection between mind, body, heart, and soul as a roadmap to healing the grieving heart. Through a blend of Dr. Druck’s acclaimed process work coupled with yoga, music, group exercises and nature, each individual discovers the do’s and don’ts that support their unique needs in grief. This workshop is highly liberating to anyone who has suffered a loss. As a participant you will:

    • Deepen your understanding of the inner workings of grief and how to process your loss.
    • Practice simple restorative breathing, exercise and deep release techniques that will enable you to engage more effectively in healing.
    • Learn Dr. Druck’s mind-body approaches for dealing with persisting, painful emotions.
    • Deal with the real feelings of anger, betrayal, guilt, regret and loss of faith that are common to the grief experience.
    • Discover methods to satisfy your deepest yearnings and longings for your lost one.
    • Bring healing support to grieving children, family members, colleagues and friends you love.
    • Become a safe harbor and guiding light to loved ones who are affected by any kind of loss.
    • Address the tough questions and difficult issues evoked by your loss.
    • Develop strategies for returning to work, society and to life.
    • Discover the power of music, nature, stillness and love to help heal the grieving heart.

    Healing Your Life after the Loss of a Child: Survival Strategies for Turning Darkness into Light

    Losing a child is often described as “the worst loss.” How can we begin to deal with the choiceless pain of losing a child and how we’re going to go on living? Ken Druck has been a lifeline to thousands of bereaved families since the loss of his own daughter, Jenna. His weekly support groups and grief education workshops with bereaved parents after some of our nation’s most horrific tragedies are nothing less than sacred gatherings.

    Parents will experience and learn how to:

    • Navigate through periods of inescapable darkness and begin to discover light.
    • Learn survival tactics for enduring the “dark night of the soul.”
    • Eliminate the noise of self-criticism, judgment and guilt so common to grief and stop judging our pain as “bad,” “negative,” “pathetic” or a “sign of failure”
    • Give ourselves permission to take whatever time and resources we need to process these emotions.
    • Define and learn how to get the help/support we need for ourselves and our families.
    • Rebalance our body and brain chemistry by resting, eating Settle, quiet and rest our exhausted minds (perpetually on “search” mode) through mediation.
    • Develop a clear action plan for what to do, and not do, to help ourselves through the seasons of grief.
    • Practice self-compassion, kindness, forgiveness, humility, encouragement and patience .and exercising.
    • Learn to “flip” and managing potentially stressful situations.
    • Lighten our hearts daily by taking breaks, laughing, breathing, listening to music, expressing gratitude and going for walks.
    • Go from constrictive either/or to both/and thinking in sorting through your loss.
    • Learn to both object to, and allow it to be, the way it is. “It’s OK that it’s not OK!”