Ken Druck

  • Personal & Professional Breakthrough Workshops

    Mastering Adversity: Turning Threats into Opportunities

    If you or your organization have suffered a loss, change, crisis or challenge, are going through a difficult transition period, or are just stuck, this workshop is a must. As participants you will learn Dr. Druck’s proven mechanics for turning adversity into opportunity beginning with…

    • Understanding the nature of adversity.
    • Taking precise inventory and shared ownership of what has happened, or not happened, how it has resulted in your current situation.
    • Getting clear about what’s at risk if you act, or do little or nothing, to face adversity.
    • Developing a constructive, caring and compassionate plan for making breakthrough changes .
    • Acquiring specific and highly effective tools and strategies for processing and working through the emotional and interpersonal roadblocks, saboteurs and blind spots that undermine even the best efforts.
    • .Creating a foolproof system for accountability and follow through.
    • Mastering powerful individual and group learning techniques for converting adversity on an experiential level.

    Dr. Druck’s effectiveness in the area of overcoming adversity is unsurpassed. HWatch your team, and each of its members, turn roadblocks into breakthroughs and grow to the next level of effectiveness.

    The Executive Couple: Breakthroughs in Intimacy

    Our intimate relationships take us down many of life’s most challenging paths. They test, develop and reflect our integrity, character and capacity to love. Since none of us receives a handbook for relationship success, where can we learn to be our best in our couple relationships? Dr. Ken Druck takes you through a positive, fun and engaging process of mastering the essential building blocks to lasting intimacy. As participants you will learn a myriad of tools including how to:

    • Set realistic expectations and establish clear agreements.
    • Embrace the seven mysteries of being a couple.
    • Cultivate the 5 most critical interpersonal skills and tools.
    • Resolve conflict constructively.
    • Become more compassionate, patient and encouraging.
    • Ask for help/support when we need it.
    • Take responsibility and ask for forgiveness.
    • Fortify your connection through better listening.
    • Set the table for successful conversations (about anything).
    • Free yourself and your relationship of intimacy-killing distortions, insecurities, defensiveness, bad habits, sloppy boundaries, projections and destructive patterns.
    • Get out in front of issues and potential problems through proactive communication.
    • Use your “voice” to speak your heart/mind
    • Eliminate blame, attacks, sarcasm, blackmail or being a victim.
    • Allow old, time-worn habits and patterns to die so new, better ones can be born.
    • Make time for self-replenishment through stillness, calm, breath, rest and solitude
    • Collaborate in lifestyle management, parenting, finances, playtime and romance.
    • Live within your agreements to build relationship trust and integrity.
    • Diversify your needs through complementary relationships, spirituality and avocations.
    • Show gratitude for and acknowledge the preciousness of your partner/relationship.
    • Prioritize your relationship rather than feed it the days leftovers.
    • Create a safe place to be forthright and honest with one another
    • Practice forgiveness and humility .

    As a participant, you will grade yourself on “The Couples Report Card” and “Listening Report Card,” to measure your knowledge, skills and effectiveness in a variety of critical interpersonal areas, and discover concrete ways to upgrade your intimate relationship to first class.