Ken Druck

  • Professional Development Workshops

    Exceptional Leadership From the Inside Out

    (limited to 8 people)
    What exactly does it take to become that exceptional leader, the one people talk about because of the greatness they inspire?

    • Integrity
    • Vision
    • Discipline
    • Courage
    • Humility
    • Confidence
    • Passion
    • Fierce determination

    Are you looking to carve a critical path to becoming a truly exceptional leader? This highly interactive and individualized workshop intensive with Dr. Druck will set you on that path and monitor your progress as you move forward on your journey.

    Participants meet with Dr. Druck before the workshop to determine their specific work agenda for this half-day or one-day off-site encounter. During the workshop, Dr. Druck will coach you on his breakthrough techniques for moving from “good” to “exceptional.” Each individual leader confronts, and breaks-free of, self-limiting behavior patterns underlying their leadership style.

    Afterwards, each leader works with Dr. Druck and their peer group on his or her follow-up work agenda. The short-term results, however dramatic, are fortified and solidified by accountability meetings at one and three months out with each leader and select staff. Each leader also constructs a powerful “letter to self” outlining their desired goals and commitments. This is sealed and not opened until six months out.

    Building and Playing on Exceptional Teams For the Truly Committed

    What are the core characteristics of championship teams?

    • Coordination
    • Communication
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Competence
    • Selflessness
    • Familiarity
    • Heart

    What can teams do to get themselves in game shape for a championship run? How can they bring out the very best in each individual teammate? And how can they become more effective in every relationship? In this workshop, you will master skills to create distinction, effectiveness and respect with your team.

    With literally thousands of hours building championship teams, Dr. Ken Druck shares the secrets of building a first-rate team in today’s world. He then places participants in actual situations where they can experientially learn and practice his tools and techniques of building and playing on an exceptional team. Dr. Druck shows how teammates can cultivate the heart of a champion by how they treat themselves and others in their day-to-day relationships.

    This one-day workshop is designed for highly committed professionals ready to drive their teams to new heights.

    Listening as a Business Tool To Unlock Extraordinary Opportunities

    Listening is the most powerful communication tool in business and life. The most dramatic improvements in job and personal performance always come with the mastery of great listening skills. In this workshop, participants take Dr. Druck’s “Listening Report Card” to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses, learn his 10 essential skills of becoming a world-class listener, and take home a “cheat sheet” to let their families and coworkers see their commitment for improved listening.

    Participants will improve their listening skills and processes and apply them to:

    • Use listening to break through an impasse
    • Get out of the way so they can hear the real issues of concern
    • Be the calming and clarifying force in an agitated setting
    • Negotiate successful conclusions, quickly
    • Become an accomplished consensus builder
    • Develop closer and more trusting relationships
    • Sell their position more effectively because they have demonstrated that they understand and respect their customer.

    Most of the outstanding achievers in history were highly skilled listeners. Dr. Druck will show you how to master the art.