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    • June 18, 2017

      When Father’s Day is a Mixed Blessing

      by user

      For a lot of us, Father’s Day, 2017, will be a mixed blessing. It will be a day of both great sorrow and great joy. My day will begin with a short drive to the cemetery where my Dad and “angel daughter,” Jenna are buried. I’ll clean off their headstones, place a stone and a […]

    • May 17, 2017

      Compassion Fatigue is Real

      by user

      Do you ever feel like you simply have no more to give? During the course of a normal life—whether it’s with aging parents or overextended with small kids or during a stressful transition—we enter periods where we are way over extended. And then our capacity for empathy and compassion, our ability to give to other […]

    • April 19, 2017

      When Humor Hurts

      by user

      What happens when comedy crosses the line of good taste and poking becomes slashing. Some of us grew up with humor as a love language. Our families expressed love through joking around, teasing, and horseplay. Memories, like “the time” my sister and I mistook Desitin for toothpaste and affectionate nicknames like “Kenny” stick with us […]

    • January 26, 2017

      To Age Courageously

      by user

      Writing my new book, Courageous Aging (Morgan James, Spring 2017), has been quite the education. With more than 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, the challenges and opportunities for each of us personally, and as a society, are unprecedented. Not only are we rethinking what it means to be 55, 65 or 75, we’re facing […]

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