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  • Dr. Ken Druck is one of the nation’s leading experts in resilience and educators on how to overcome life’s challenges. His work helping others effectively turn adversity into opportunity has made him one of the worlds most sought after speakers, coaches and consultants. By summoning the strength, clarity, self-compassion and integrity to move through life’s challenges with grace and joy, Dr. Ken teaches us how to be the higher, better version of ourselves. Read more about Dr. Ken Druck.

    Recent Posts

    • June 9, 2015

      The Solitude That Replenishes

      by user

      With the passing of my mom, Roslyn, and closing of the Center I founded to honor my daughter, Jenna, almost 20 years ago, this past month has been a time of great loss and change.  There has been much to process.  Even though I’ve been surrounded by the love, support and affection of family and […]

    • June 9, 2015

      3 Ways to Build Resilience for Life’s Inevitable Hardships

      by user

      Most of us glide through life under the tacit assumption that everything’s going to be just fine. And we work hard to make it so. Inevitably, something (life) happens that changes everything. Our plans are derailed. Standing in the ashes of our plans, heartsick and face to face with risks, doubts, dangers and possibilities that […]

    • March 27, 2015

      The Do’s and Don’ts of A Grief Anniversary

      by user

      On the 19th “Angel-versary” of my daughter, Jenna’s, passing, I join her sister and mother in sending her all my love and feeling her close. I also send my love to the other family members and close friends who lost loved ones in that accident.  On this day, my heart and prayers go out to those grieving the unspeakable loss of a loved one to […]

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