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  • Dr. Ken Druck is one of the nation’s leading experts in resilience and educators on how to overcome life’s challenges. His work helping others effectively turn adversity into opportunity has made him one of the worlds most sought after speakers, coaches and consultants. By summoning the strength, clarity, self-compassion and integrity to move through life’s challenges with grace and joy, Dr. Ken teaches us how to be the higher, better version of ourselves. Read more about Dr. Ken Druck.

    Recent Posts

    • January 16, 2015

      Finding Strength in Humility

      by user

      Years ago, I was giving a speech at a conference in Iowa when a middle-aged farmer told me a story I have never forgotten. This man had raised his son to be a real man’s man. In his day it was all about being tough and strong; showing emotion was something that only sissies did. […]

    • December 30, 2014

      Mastering The Art of Gracious Receivership

      by user

      I recently struggled with the idea that I could not absorb any more of my 92-year old mother’s love, which got me thinking about how, sometimes, we have to learn how to receive, especially at a time of year when we’re so focused on giving. I’m happy to share my thoughts on “Mastering The Art […]

    • December 4, 2014

      The aftermath of Ferguson: Lessons from the fallout

      by user

      Bearing witness to the mayhem in Ferguson, Mo., last week left most Americans feeling heartsick. Today, as we assess the physical, social, economic and spiritual damage and share ideas for bringing about positive change in our communities, my heart goes out to Michael Brown’s parents. As if losing their son wasn’t enough, Michael Brown Sr. […]

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