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  • Dr. Ken Druck is one of the nation’s leading experts in resilience and educators on how to overcome life’s challenges. His work helping others effectively turn adversity into opportunity has made him one of the worlds most sought after speakers, coaches and consultants. By summoning the strength, clarity, self-compassion and integrity to move through life’s challenges with grace and joy, Dr. Ken teaches us how to be the higher, better version of ourselves. Read more about Dr. Ken Druck.

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    • March 27, 2014

      When Loved Ones Go Missing

      by user

      I remember how time stopped when my phone rang on March 27th, 1996, EXACTLY 18 YEARS AGO TODAY. My daughter, Jenna, had been in “a terrible accident, I was told. Jenna was in India, 10,000 miles from home, on a study abroad program. Frozen in unspeakable fear, I fell to my knees and cried out, […]

    • February 13, 2014

      Troubled Relationship? Time for a Tune-Up

      by user

      By Dr. Ken Druck and Lisette Omoss, CC Something’s wrong. You can feel it in your gut. Or your heart. Your relationship is off track. Broken. And in need of repair. You’re tempted to bury your head in the sand, doing little and hoping things will get better — but you’re smart enough to realize that […]

    • January 6, 2014

      Permission to Be Happy

      by user

      Inhibitions. We all have them.  Sometimes they hold us back.  And sometime they help. Designed to filter out the bad stuff and prevent us from saying or doing stupid, hurtful and embarrassing things, inhibitions can protect us.  But that’s only half the story. Inhibitions can also hurt us.  Some of life’s most adventurous, liberating and […]

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