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  • Dr. Ken Druck is one of the nation’s leading experts in resilience and educators on how to overcome life’s challenges. His work helping others effectively turn adversity into opportunity has made him one of the worlds most sought after speakers, coaches and consultants. By summoning the strength, clarity, self-compassion and integrity to move through life’s challenges with grace and joy, Dr. Ken teaches us how to be the higher, better version of ourselves. Read more about Dr. Ken Druck.

    Recent Posts

    • October 22, 2014

      Are You In Survival or Surrender Mode?

      by user

      We tend to go through “coping cycles” in times of adversity. There’s a time for holding things together. And a time for falling apart. Holding it Together Fostering all the courage and strength we have in order to survive times of unbearable pain, loss and unending challenges, we hold on for dear life. To get […]

    • September 4, 2014

      3 Steps to Getting Unstuck

      by user

      Almost all of us have a history of hitting brick walls at some time in our lives. We find ourselves feeling confined, stuck, and trapped. Helpless, with no way out. Defeated and on the verge of giving up. We feel like we’ve tested all the possibilities already, and none of them work. It’s as though […]

    • August 24, 2014

      How Ferguson Could Bring Races Together

      by user

      (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) Before we turn to the next bout of week-long breaking news on CNN, emotionally disassociate from what happened in Ferguson, flail with impotent rage while nothing changes or wait for a Grand Jury to mobilize the best in ourselves, let’s explore the possibilities for turning this terrible tragedy into something constructive in […]

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