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    • When Humor Hurts

      What happens when comedy crosses the line of good taste and poking becomes slashing. Some of us grew up with humor as a love language. Our families expressed love through joking around, teasing, and horseplay. Memories, like “the time” my sister and I mistook Desitin for toothpaste and affectionate nicknames like “Kenny” stick with us […]

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    • To Age Courageously

      Writing my new book, Courageous Aging (Morgan James, Spring 2017), has been quite the education. With more than 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, the challenges and opportunities for each of us personally, and as a society, are unprecedented. Not only are we rethinking what it means to be 55, 65 or 75, we’re facing […]

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    • angry white men

      “Angry White Men” Situation And a Code of Civility

      I’ve spent a good part of my life helping individuals, couples, families, communities and companies turn just about every kind of adversity into an opportunity to become the better, smarter, stronger version of ourselves. In this and several other recent blogs, I’ve taken on the deeply sensitive and emotionally-charged issues of race, faith, social justice […]

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    • It’s Still “All in the Family”

      Now that The Great Unraveling has begun and certain presidential candidates are being exposed as “not ready for prime time” players, I find myself thinking about something potentially far more dangerous than their candidacy, the Great Divide between my fellow Americans. Never have we been more splintered, or more in need of finding the common […]

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    • CNN Breaking News Blunder

      You’ve spoiled me, CNN. Having delivered breaking news in place of the morning paper all these years, waking up and going to sleep to the likes of Anderson, Erin, Don and Wolf, I’ve grown accustomed to a refreshingly high standard of TV journalism (I’ve also been honored to be a guest on CNN numerous times […]

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    • Valentine's Day

      The Best Valentine’s Day Gift is FREE

      The best alternative to a Valentine’s Day gift of flowers, candy, jewelry or a heart-shaped Hallmark card is a list of the things you love most about your beloved. It doesn’t have to take more than 10 minutes, but the impact can last a lifetime. Save them every year and make a book, called “THE […]

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    • What is a Father (in-Law) To Say?

      This Saturday, my daughter, Stephanie, will marry a wonderful young man named Tony. She will take his last name, become his wife and enjoin our families. Stefie may always be “Daddy’s Girl,” but this is a giant step beyond the force field of her family of origin into her own life, future and family. Having […]

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    • Lessons in Self-Forgiveness from Women’s Soccer

      Millions of fans cringed this past week as England’s Laura Bassett accidentally kicked the soccer ball into her own team’s goal, allowing Japan to win the semi-final World Cup match. As sports TV analysts recounted “reprehensible” player mishaps that have led to their team’s demise over the years, Laura’s teammates, coach and country stood by, […]

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    • The Solitude That Replenishes

      With the passing of my mom, Roslyn, and closing of the Center I founded to honor my daughter, Jenna, almost 20 years ago, this past month has been a time of great loss and change.  There has been much to process.  Even though I’ve been surrounded by the love, support and affection of family and […]

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    • 3 Ways to Build Resilience for Life’s Inevitable Hardships

      Most of us glide through life under the tacit assumption that everything’s going to be just fine. And we work hard to make it so. Inevitably, something (life) happens that changes everything. Our plans are derailed. Standing in the ashes of our plans, heartsick and face to face with risks, doubts, dangers and possibilities that […]

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